Essential Google Search Engine Ranking Factors in 2023

As a webmaster, you would definitely want your website to rank high on Google. Everyone wants it. But Google,on the other hand, enjoys keeping webmasters on tenterhooks. Fortunately, the search algorithm’s secret is almost out. You just have to watch a few websites. But there is a danger. The search engine keeps on updating its algorithm at regular intervals. And you have to remain updated with the latest strategies to stay afloat. Change is the only thing that remains constant. Thus pinpointing that essential Google ranking factor 2019 is an impossible thing. Still, here are some factors that influence your website’s ranking on the most-loved search engine.

1. Security And Accessibility

You are sure to have come across the padlock icon on websites. This indicates that the website encrypts all communications through it. Google gives utmost priority to security. Thus make sure that your website is secure to rank high on Google. Accessibility is another Google ranking factor. The search engine should be able to read the URL and index your website’s content. For this to happen, your website should fulfill the following conditions:

  • Should be well-designed with the help of an excellent-quality website builder
  • A sitemap that lists all your web pages
  • A robots.txt file that explains what to index and what not to Google.

2. Loading Speed

Next comes Website loading speed. It is another essential Google ranking factor for 2019. Customer, for the search giant, is king. If users prefer websites that load fast, Google too will prefer them. Make sure that your website loads fast, both on the desktop and on the smartphone to improve its visibility. The generally recommended time is five seconds. No Internet surfer has the patience to wait for more than that.

3. Quality Backlinks

You took care of your website speed. And your next concern should be to improve its visibility. It depends on number of backlinks on your website. It tells Google how relevant your website is. Get as many backlinks as possible from reputed websites in your niche. And don’t forget Google’s general restrictions on the number of links a webpage should have. If your content is informative enough, you are sure to get requests for reciprocal links. Check the authenticity of the website in question before accepting any such request. And don’t ignore the anchor text. Take all measures to ensure that they tell exactly what the link is all about.

4. Mobile Friendliness

You announced your presence on the worldwide web. Google too has taken notice. With this, you can turn to your prospective customers. Today, both Google and the consumers prefer responsive design. The search engine does say that it does not prefer any particular type of design. But it favors responsive design. Google itself has said in a statement that indexing responsive websites is easier than inspecting two separate URLs.


5. Schema Codes

You took care of the general aspects of a website. And now is the time to focus exclusively on your business. Search engine optimization today is going local. And if you want to rank high on Google, you should use schema codes. The advice holds special significance for small businesses. Schema code helps Google understand the information like phone numbers and addresses. Go local and your website will rank high in your area of business.


6. Good Content

You are well on your way to a high rank on Google. Now comes the never-ending process; content creation. Update your website with excellent-quality content. As mentioned above, consumers prefer those websites that add value. Update your online home with engaging, up-to-date and engaging content. This ensures that visitors spend more time on your website. You are offering information they are looking for. This also decreases bouncing rates. Quite naturally, your ranking on Google improves. Do not forget to insert keywords that are relevant to your industry. Even then, keyword stuffing is a sin Google will never forgive.


7. The Length Of Content

Content is ready. And you have to make sure that it adds value to your website. A search for the best possibility will lead you to long posts. This too is another essential Google ranking factor for 2019. Short posts are the most common. They are easier to produce consistently. But longer posts perform better in search engine optimization. Detailed posts that are relevant add to the value of a website. Users love them because they answer all their queries on a particular topic. Even Google consider them better. It has its on highly advanced mechanism to analyze user behavior. If users love your website, Google too would love it.

8. Time Spent On A Website

Even good content may be enough to take your website higher on Google’s search result pages.The content on your website and its design should be done in such a way as to prompt users stay there for hours. They should continue clicking from one element to the other. Remember, keeping users tuck on a page too is counter-productive. Such instances are considered as bounces. And you should avoid them at any cost. The longer visitors spend on your website, the better it is, for Google.

9. Presence On Social Media

Your website is well-prepared. And now you have to promote it. Here comes social media to your assistance. Statistics shows that your ranking on the social networking platforms like Facebook too plays a vital role in your website’s Google ranking. Answer people’s queries and keep on posting informational content. See to it that your content is worth sharing. The more people like your content, the higher your ranking on Google will be.

10. Age Of The Website

This is something beyond your control. Continue working on your website patiently. It is always said; slow and steady wins the race. Within a few years, you too will become an authority on Google.


Finally, give utmost importance to user friendliness. Your website should be easy to navigate. Users should not face any difficulty to do anything they want. Be aware, user-friendliness is essential Google ranking factor for 2019. Neglect it and the search giant will virtually take you down. Secure your website, make it accessible, prompt other webmasters to attest to your authority, educate your audience and reach out to the locals. You will rank high on Google even without you knowing it!


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