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Digital Marketing Tips For Real Estate Companies in 2023

With the high competition witnessed in the real estate industry coupled with industry low in 2012, it has become necessary to do digital marketing for real estate companies. A study done in 2018 by the National Association of Realtors showed 92% of buyers use the internet to search for properties.

That calls for companies to think seriously about incorporating digital marketing in their plans. The importance of digital marketing real estate agents cannot be overemphasized. It has become now necessary to be proactive online in engaging and winning their target markets.


Here are Great Real Estate Digital Marketing Tips:


1. Social Media for Real Estate Companies

Studies have shown that 77% of real estate companies are using social media actively. Having a presence in Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, to Instagram and many more other social media have proved one of the most useful tools in digital marketing. This tool can be used by real estate companies to communicate, interact and answer their customers. Prospective clients are joining social media groups to interact so that they can make more informed buying and selling decisions.


2. Get Your Presence Online

 a. Build a Website

A website is a major component for digital marketing for real estate companies. There is no serious realtor company nowadays without a website of its own even those not keen about online marketing. A good website should have the following features;

  • Photos and pictures of properties and homes on sale.
  • A good website should allow home shoppers to interact with real estate companies.
  • The company should have clear information for prospective buyers and a list of offers.
  • There should be a clear contact page.
  • The website should have positive news and information about the home city of the homes.

b. Skyrocket Your Real Estate Business with a Website


3. Optimise for Search Engine Organic Search

You took care of your website speed. And your next concern should be to improve its visibility. It depends on number of backlinks on your website. It tells Google how relevant your website is. Get as many backlinks as possible from reputed websites in your niche. And don’t forget Google’s general restrictions on the number of links a webpage should have. If your content is informative enough, you are sure to get requests for reciprocal links. Check the authenticity of the website in question before accepting any such request. And don’t ignore the anchor text. Take all measures to ensure that they tell exactly what the link is all about.

Google alone receives 6300 searches per second! That’s a huge sourceof searches, and there is also a big chunk of home buyers looking for homes to buy. When done correctly, a company can have huge sales turnovers with SEO.


4. Email Marketing

When real estate companies do seminars, webinars, articles, showcases and more, they interact with prospective buyers whose email contacts can be mined and later used to send offers. Send them periodic tips and faqs. According to Statistics, there were 3.7 billion email users in 2019, and this is a huge potential for real estate companies to use email marketing to follow-up on home shoppers. Realtors can use that to their advantage.


5. Create a Video Content

Video marketing is an effective marketing technique new and rapidly exploding and using nice Videos to take shoppers on virtual tours to the homes; the real estate company is selling. Those videos can also be posted on the real estate company and YouTube.


6. Purchasing Ads

Real Estate Company can go for digital ads to advertise their homes. The real estate company can buy Google and Facebook ads. Google and Facebook combined lead with 58.5% of the total share of digital ads. A real estate company using such media in a targeted audience means great views.


7. Webinars

Webinars is a powerful tool rarely used by real estate companies in marketing. It is a web seminar setup to promote and share the company’s brand and information. Would-be buyers can ask questions live and get them answered.


8. Avail Contacts

Another way for realtors to be effective in digital marketing is by making their contacts readily available. It is a wonder that some company website masters forget to add a clear contact page on the company website or blog.

Nothing is more frustrating for a customer to interact with the content they need and then cannot get or easily get the contact for the company with the offer.


9. Create a Newsletter

A newsletter is an email with news and offers. Companies can send periodic newsletters to their customers when they have an offer or continue with their ongoing company product awareness.


10. Niche Needs

Real estate companies can target certain niches in their markets. For instance, a company can target to sell their homes to a particular group with similar interests like dog owners. They can build homes customised for those who want to keep dogs, cats etc. They can also build homes targeting families with kids. Real estate companies can do ads and blogs targeting such niches.


11. Use Zillow to Advertise

Zillow is another tool effective for digital marketing for real estate companies. Zillow works similar to Google search engine, but it does it forreal estatesearches.

It lists homes in the United States, and so far more than 110 million homes havebeen listed. When correctly used in placing ads, it has a target for the real customers looking to buy homes.


12. Guest Posting Articles

This is another great method to advertise a real estate company. A company can hire a freelancer writer to write blogs, articles, and pictures, videos about their offers or new projects on course. Then those that content is posted to other websites as a guest post.

This is done with company hyperlinks directing the content consumer to their websites or offices. A website with such services includes medium and others.



If any real estate company wants to float and be effective in digital marketing, they have to stick to those tips and be even more creative.

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